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Miami HVAC Pros is a company that provides heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) services to residential and commercial properties. We take pride in their work and emphasize customer service when working with your central air unit. Whether you need a new installation or maintenance on your current system, Miami HVAC Pros has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

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About Us

Miami HVAC Pros is an air conditioner company that offers heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) reliable service. We are centrally located in Miami area. Our team of professionals has the skills and knowledge to perform any type of work-related HVAC system for residential or commercial buildings. Also, we offer fast response times with expert-level solutions at competitive rates to give you cool air.

Why Choose us?


Miami HVAC Pros has been providing quality installation, maintenance, and AC repair services to Miami-Dade for many years. We offer a 24HR warranty on all of our workmanship and products.


Miami HVAC Pros are Miami's most reliable heating and air conditioning unit company. With many years of experience, our team is ready to take on all your needs at competitive rates.


We are the only HVAC company in Miami with a 24-hour dispatch service, so there's never any waiting on us. We provide a fast response to all your heating, AC repair and cooling needs!


Miami HVAC Pros is a locally owned and operated company that has been serving Miami, FL since in the past. Call us today to schedule your next appointment!


Miami HVAC Pros is proud to offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We provide Florida's top-rated heating and cooling services for your home, office, or building.


Miami HVAC Pros is among the licensed air conditioning companies with professionals who are certified and trained to handle all your needs. We offer 24/7 emergency service and excellent customer service.


Pot Sy
Pot SyHomeowner
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"I have personally used them for the past two years because of their excellent customer service, 24/7 emergency services, and competitive rates."
Lori Jones
Lori JonesHomeowner
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"In the past two years, I have had a great experience with Miami HVAC Pros. They have provided me with great customer service and 24-hour emergency services at a competitive rate."
Joshua Schumacher
Joshua SchumacherHomeowner
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"Their service is excellent and their work has always been quality. I definitely recommend them to anyone in need of HVAC services. They're fast, reliable, and provide quality service at competitive rates!"

Our Service Areas

Our company takes pride in serving not only Miami, FL but also surrounding areas such as:

Coral Gables, FL

Living from Coral Gables? We got you.

Key Biscayne, FL

Even if you are from Key Biscayne, we still help.

Gladeview, FL

Gladeview homeowners trust our services.

Miami Shores, FL

Are you from Miami Shores? Contact us now.

Coral Terrace, FL

People from Coral Terrace call us for emergency HVAC services.

West Little River, FL

West Little River only relies on Miami HVAC Pros.

We can help lower your Energy Bills

HVAC systems in homes and businesses are responsible for heating maintenance, cooling, ventilation, AC repair and dehumidification. They can easily account for up to 50% of your utility bill. This is why it’s so important that you find a Miami HVAC contractor who can help reduce your energy costs while also ensuring the proper function of all appliances throughout the year. If you’re looking to save money on utilities this winter season, then contact us!